Why, Why, Why?

This poem is raw but full of thought, written by a talented young man on his first visit to a farm in Germany, and perhaps inspired by the nobility of the beautiful white Icelandic horses he saw there.

By Moses Ng, Germany, June 2013,

You could be a horse,
a young stallion full of force,
daily eating your hay,
feeling very gay.

But Nay! Nay! Nay!
You are a human being,
full of love and feeling
but in came the Faust,
and now we are one of the lost.

So Why! Why! Why!
Do we lie and cheat and steal?
Because evil in the world is real.
Countries give their reasons for war
but what are the soldiers really fighting for?

True evil has adorned itself
with a mask of good,
And now the weak and helpless
will become their food.


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