When Theology meets Anthrolopogy


“Theology has become anthropology since God became man…” Karl Barth.

The questions confronting the world today, in the realm of politics, economics and culture, are in essence questions that boil down to what it means to be human, what we understand by “human life,” and “person.”

Such issues have to be addressed head on, unapologetically. “Revealed truth cannot be abstracted from reconciling truth” (Ray Anderson) otherwise what we proclaim to be our faith are just statements in the wind, not the foundation from which the “fountain of life” springs forth. A living God and a living faith must necessarily bring solutions to a weary world mired in wars, injustice and economic distress as the gap of inequality grows between nations and even within the ‘rich” nations.

If we take the humanity of Christ seriously then we have to take all aspects of man’s humanity seriously, across the whole societal spectrum and dimensions which make up what we call life.

At the end of the day, we must seek an understanding of God and the way written in the Bible whereby Man may find true liberation – a liberation to be truly human.

Thoughts inspired by an old book I read  On Being Human:Essays in Theological Anthropology (Anderson, Ray S. MI: Eerdsmans, 1982)

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