Learning to Wait

Tunnel | photo by Ivy

As was then as it is now, it is always the poor and needy who suffer the brunt of an economic caste system which reflects the character and values of the king of this world. Those of us who have responded to God’s call to be His servants, the journey of learning begins with repentance. I fully agree to what a brother shared “Repentance is and will always be the foundation of Christianity.”

As followers of Christ, we repent for assuming we have the wisdom and understanding to undertake God’s work and to even solve the problems of the poor in “Third World” nations. Our mind is proud of our own ways, our conventional wisdom that produce results but when in fact, the difference between the way and how we see and do things is the difference between heaven and earth. The vastness and depth of His thoughts and wisdom is beyond our imagination. It is only with faith and patience, with a pure heart without personal agendas for success, fame, wealth or glory, that God may even begin to teach and show us His way to undertake the work He sends us to.

It is so important we take the position of learners in our doing so that we give room to God to teach us. We acknowledge heaven and know there is a God above and until His wisdom and understanding becomes our wisdom and understanding, we have nothing to offer the poor, the lost, those held captives in a socio-economic system – a glimpse of the loving reign and rule of Christ on earth.

The key is patience which is empowered by faith. The Bible speaks of those who wait upon the Lord. On the contrary, the world has no time to wait. Impatience in God’s people leads to the temptation to act, out of our own wisdom and strength. Our total dependence is on the Lord and an important part of that is also depending on His ‘kairos’ timing.

In context of our project experience, active waiting is one of the most painful things we have to do, it goes against every fiber in our flesh. To the world, this seems wasteful and so unnecessary. But yet when we submit and pour out our time unto His feet, it is a very very costly thing. But God sees. We learn to recognise His mind for the time and season of things and flow with that. We refrain from putting our timing to do God’s work.

God’s best work is the work He does in people. He is the Master Chef who knows what and when various ingredients should go into the mixing bowl to create His desired outcome, that Dish of His heart’s desire. His heart is for families and He well knows too that within each family, there are different sons and daughters each with their different temperaments, personalities and weaknesses. Some more teachable than others. Father knows best and for that reason, He is also long-suffering and patient. As His servants, that we must be also if we want to be part of His work. It is not enough just to follow His instructions, we have to follow His timing, even if it comes down to our last dollar.

The area of economics is where Mammon does his best work to enslave man. In the midst of globalization, God not only wants to open the sight of the blind and set the captives free, but also to establish His reign and rule here on earth. Deuteronomy 32 is our prayer. His works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he. In His time, may the families of the earth ascribe greatness to Him.

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