Community Entrepreneurship Training – Jakarta

1-10 Nov 2009, Grand Tropic Hotel, Jakarta
JUST CAME BACK FROM JAKARTA from an intensive 9-day “Game of Money” Training program (GoM) organized by Natural Resource Ventures, Singapore and Yayasan Langkah Baru Indonesia, and conducted by Entrepreneurial Development and Training Centre (EDTC), PNG.

This was the second part of an empowerment training program called Personal Viability or PV in short. PV is one of the most powerful program I know for mindset transformation that increases the viability of a person in six days for life and business.

One of the key objectives is to empower leaders with a disciplined and systematic way of training local communities on how to manage and multiply the value of their natural resources.

With 22 participants coming from different parts of Indonesia including Papua, we really had a rich tapestry of Indonesians which weaved in itself a beautiful picture of family. Indonesians are by nature such warm and relaxed people that it is so easy to just blend in with them.

I was amazed at how at home and comfortable I felt with my new-found friends even though we are from different backgrounds and culture. Being together in an intense training program would have driven most of us nuts but instead everyone was just so cool, even when our balance sheets threatened not to balance!

Five Keys to Success in Business:
1. Think!. Don’t run ahead until you have put yourself through a thorough thinking process.
2. Organization – Organize your family first then the project. Stock take the resources you already have and use them. God-given resources are both tangible and intangible, and no resource is ever too small to begin with. In Jakarta, each group started with 300,000 Rupiah (approx. USD35.00) but at the end of seven days, one of the groups had generated sales of 31 million Rupiah! On average the rest of the other groups had sales of 7 million rupiah and an average ROI of 37%. No one would have thought it possible at the start of the Game of Money.
3. Preparation – preparation, preparation, preparation
4. Rollover – Don’t let money go to sleep, put it to work for you.
5. Real team work together with diligence and perseverance produced a multiplier effect on our resources.


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