Last Letter – Karen Watson

WHILST sitting in my brother’s office this early morning and surfing the Net, I came across a moving “Last Letter” written by a missionary who was killed in Iraq five years ago.

I was surprised when I read the article. It reminded me of the many times I have thought of writing That Letter but never did. It always happens when I am preparing for a trip overseas, or when I am onboard a plane as it begins to take off. “What if this plane never reaches its destination and I never get to see my children again?” That’s when I think, I must write my Last Letter so that if I am not around, they will have the opportunity to understand when they are older what I believe in and treasure, with the hope that they too will one day feel likewise.

Karen Watson’s letter moved me deeply. It gave me a glimpse into her life, her heart. She went beyond what we always fight for, our rights and simply gave up her life for a higher cause, a higher love that allowed her to really live and love. I am sure her life has touched many and she is missed dearly by her family and friends.

Have you written your Last Letter?

Your Last Letter-Have You Written It?
It’s actually an ancient tradition of soldiers and missionaries who as they board a ship, write their family and friends a letter that they think might be their final communication! The resurrection of this ancient tradition is to inspire a new generation to think and pray through the reason for their life – and possibly the sacrifice of their life for a cause greater than themselves.

Mark shares the amazing story of Karen Watson, a missionary killed in Iraq. This was the letter read by her pastor at her funeral:

Dear Pastor,

You should only be opening this letter in the event of my death.When God calls there are no regrets. I tried to share my heart with you as much as possible, my heart for the nations. I wasn’t called to a place; I was called to Him. To obey was my objective, to suffer was expected, His glory my reward, His glory my reward…

The missionary heart:
Cares more than some think is wise
Risks more than some think is safe
Dreams more than some think is practical
Expects more than some think is possible

I was called not to comfort or to success but to obedience…

There is no Joy outside of knowing Jesus and serving Him. I love you and my church family.

In His care,
Salaam, Karen


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