Google Cloud – A Better Name for Chrome OS

I’ve been following the Google Chrome OS and Windows saga written from different perspectives. We are definitely at a juncture when the business landscape is being shaken and new paradigms are being shaped. The battleground is the consumers. I couldn’t agree with Bamm more on his choice of name for Chrome OS. A brilliant way to clear up the cloud for Google and get everybody into the ‘cloud movement.’ I hope Google picks this one up, a great idea.

Google’s Chrome Operating System: We’ve Got It All Wrong
Posted by: Rob Hof on July 11
Comment: BAMM
July 12, 2009 09:18 PM
I suggest a better name. Instead of ChromeOS, they should call it CloudOS, so people immediately know what it does.

It’s better to promote the cloud than to market the browser used to access it.

Better yet, call it Google Clouds, just like Microsoft called their operating system Windows (even though windowing systems existed way before Windows).


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