The Theory of Change and Entrepreneurship

I’m very interested in the theory of change as it relates to the transformational aspect of enterprise to significantly change the economic contexts of poor and marginalized groups.

It is important that at the onset, we acknowledge and agree that theories of change are necessarily value-based. Our challenge is to examine the assumptions that underpin our theories and concepts so that we align them to a biblical view of persons, human nature and growth. This so important as our theory of change will influence the way we design enterprises, shaping the dynamics and processes for transformation and therefore its social consequences.

In entrepreneurship for transformation, there is a great need to understand persons in a wholistic manner coupled with a belief in the capacity of individuals to change and grow, and within the context of a place, an environment where people are listened to and treated with honesty, openness and unconditional positive regard so that growth can occur. These must be translated into practical policies which will shape the dynamics and processes for positive transformation in enterprises that empower poor and needy communities.

There is also a great need to develop an understanding one another’s talents, capacities and calling within the entrepreneurial team context so that every person can function freely and be constructive. This is possible only if we truly believe that every person and even every group has the potential to develop in a unique and individualized manner. Management design should also take into consideration that persons have a need for affiliation, and communication with others. This intrinsic need will lead to realistic and natural socialization of a person and the discovery of behaviors which will most closely approximate the satisfaction of all his needs wholistically and communally.

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