A Journal of Grace

THIS WORLD IS A TOUGH PLACE, so be kind. My grandfather from Sabah left behind a diary, a journal of his thoughts that I hold dear to my heart. It carries the observations of a man who lived ninety full years with his share of sorrows and heartbreak.

Yet the thing that I remember most of him was his gentleness and kindness towards others. When I think of that today, it touches my heart. He would never say a harsh word, and he was always thoughtful of others.

Having gone through a small measure of life myself, I know life is not perfect. Disappointments, failures and heartaches. How was it that my grandfather always held to the end, a compassion and love for people, when at the same time he knew the frailty of men and their weaknesses?

My comfort lies in knowing that my grandfather’s life reflected the nature and character of the God he loved. Such a loving, tender-hearted God who sees our follies and yet, loves us still. Patient, kind and long-suffering.

When in doubt, let’s give the other the benefit of grace.


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