Falling Leaves

falling leaves,
falling pieces,
falling words,

it’s a journey, they say
we’ve waited,
we’ve waited,
how long more Lord.

nights, days,
counted and countless,
a stream, a river
flowing, endlessly.

it’s the boat, we need it, now
never mind the shaking,
feelings, plans, sinking islands,
the boat i must have …

the picture fades, drifting
a dream once was,
the hope, passion,
I’m tired Lord.

man’s plans, Your plans,
man’s wisdom,
stubborn hearts, pride
when will we ever learn Lord

do we see the people, the cries
the island is sinking,
but we want our dreams,
our dream boat…

now we are drifting, again
one more time,
one more day,
once more….

so it’s a journey they say,
a journey to the promise land,
counted days, countless days,
yet journey on we must…

another day.

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